Welcome to Anand Niketan, Maninagar Campus

Established in 2009, by Shri Kamal Mangal and Shri Amit Shah, Anand Niketan Maninagar aims at creating an environment which sows the seeds of curiosity in every child. This seed of curiosity keeps the children on their toes in their quest for knowledge, throughout their lives.


To build team spirit and camaraderie amongst the students and teachers

The school has implanted House divisions.

Every student is allotted a House at the time of admission which is not changed throughout his/her years in the school. Regular

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Anand Niketan Maninagar has been founded under the aegis of the Prestigious Anand Niketan Group of schools. With God's Blessings our school is growing year by year. The vision to see our Anand Niketanites Higher, Stronger


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